I’m from London and currently training for a toned healthy body ready for summer! Being Chinese I’ve been brought up thinking i need to be stick thin, since all my other Chinese friends and relatives are size 6 (or size zero in America). However this was never the case since i was born as an above average weight, weighing up to 10kg!!!! I’ve been a chubby kid until about 10years old, where the pressure got on to me. I decided to loose weight! (It’s kind of sad knowing a 10yr old me think she had to go on a diet) I ate less and avoided the junk, and thanks to my growth spurt I looked more healthy and normal (in the western eyes). So my journey of loosing weight and blending in with the other Chinese began 10years ago. There has been ups and downs (my weight and emotional side) but nothing really seemed to have worked. Now i just want to look healthy and toned, I no longer want to blend in with the Chinese, I want a nice toned pair of legs and a healthy looking body. So here I am, I’ll be committed to this routine (fingers crossed) for the next 3 months and see if i can finally achieve this dream!!! 


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