Day 3

Good Morning!!!! 😀 Feeling nice and energized today! Went for a morning jog for around 3miles;) But i didn’t last as long as i wanted, took a few breaks in between as well. :/ Oh well, I’m sure I can train for it!!! Tried to do some ab training and yoga exercises afterwards; didn’t last too long as i was tired already :p. Good Day!!!

Breakfast(11:30am):             Bran Flakes with semi-skimmed milk + Coffee

Lunch(1:30pm):                     Small bowl of Singapore Noodles

Pre-Diner(4:00pm):             Nature Valley Bar

Dinner(6:30pm):                   Small bowl of rice, Lots of Gai Lan, Half a roast Pigeon (It was soo good!), 2x Chicken and 2x Lobster =.=

Snacks:                                       Home made Pandan bread, Digestive Biscuit, Sharron Fruit, Apple and Mochi

Total Calories:                  1850cal =.=

I over did it today 😦 End up going for a dinner party so there wasn’t an excuse not to eat when there was so much yummy food placed in front of me. :p Really bad. Aiya ya…


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