Day 1

It’s currently 1pm on my first day of training! My muscles have been aching from my training I did yesterday (abs and arms workout plus a 3.3miles jog). But i’m determined to at least jog 2.3miles today, just a light jog.

Breakfast(9am):             Bran Flakes with semi-skimmed milk + Coffee

Pre-Lunch(12pm):       A small bowl of prawn noodle soup + Tea

Lunch(2:00pm):          Roasted sweet potato

Pre-Diner(4:00pm):   Small ham and cheese sandwich + Chinese steamed bun + Tea

Dinner(6:30pm):          Small portion of rice, 1 rib, big portion of broccoli and some steamed fish

Snacks:                              Pear, Orange, Biscuit x1, Plum, Apple and Sharron Fruit

Total Calorie Count: 1550

Day 1 has now come to an end, and I can say it has been a rather success first day. I ended up taking a rather easy jog with a few breaks in between for 2.6miles. (Note to self: Don’t warm up too much before a jog, can cause a stitch.) I’ve also eaten a lot of fruit today, especially after dinner since i didn’t want to eat anything too heavy late at night. All in all I am happy with my first day of this 90days challenge. Come on!!!


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