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Day 2

My second day towards a healthy happy me! Today I’m just going to take it easy and do some abs and upper body training. Think my leg muscles would be happy to relax for a day.

Breakfast(9:30am):             Bran Flakes with semi-skimmed milk + Coffee

Pre-Lunch(12pm):              Steamed chicken bun + Tea

Lunch(2:00pm):                  Jong Zhi (1/3)

Pre-Diner(4:00pm):           Bran Flakes with semi-skimmed milk

Dinner(6:30pm):                 Small portion of rice, 1x Chicken Wing, Lots of Gai Lan, 3x Prawns

Snacks:                                     Grapes, Plum, Sharon fruit, Home made pandan bread

Total Calorie Count: 1650calories

It’s now the end of the day, and I still haven’t done my upper body workout as promised. BUT… I’ve been kneading dough for nearly an hour (was great fun, but am knackered). I guess today has been my ‘rest’ so I’ll need to jog tomorrow morning! Would want to jog up to 3miles (fingers crossed). I’m thinking of cutting down what I’m eating, I’ve failed in doing so hopefully tomorrow I can control myself more strictly.



Day 1

It’s currently 1pm on my first day of training! My muscles have been aching from my training I did yesterday (abs and arms workout plus a 3.3miles jog). But i’m determined to at least jog 2.3miles today, just a light jog.

Breakfast(9am):             Bran Flakes with semi-skimmed milk + Coffee

Pre-Lunch(12pm):       A small bowl of prawn noodle soup + Tea

Lunch(2:00pm):          Roasted sweet potato

Pre-Diner(4:00pm):   Small ham and cheese sandwich + Chinese steamed bun + Tea

Dinner(6:30pm):          Small portion of rice, 1 rib, big portion of broccoli and some steamed fish

Snacks:                              Pear, Orange, Biscuit x1, Plum, Apple and Sharron Fruit

Total Calorie Count: 1550

Day 1 has now come to an end, and I can say it has been a rather success first day. I ended up taking a rather easy jog with a few breaks in between for 2.6miles. (Note to self: Don’t warm up too much before a jog, can cause a stitch.) I’ve also eaten a lot of fruit today, especially after dinner since i didn’t want to eat anything too heavy late at night. All in all I am happy with my first day of this 90days challenge. Come on!!!

What I’ve previously done…

I’ve been training for the past two months now. On the first i dedicated myself to the gym, waking up 7am in the morning and working on the cross trainer and some upper body exercises every other day. On the second still going to the gym but working on the treadmill, training my endurance level with a constant speed of 10mph. Now since I’m back at home for Easter there is no gym to go to so I have resorted to jogging outdoors. Which is nice since it has been sunny here in London for the past few weeks.

It is just recently that I have decided to jog nearly everyday. I’ve jogged for almost 30minutes in each jog and have covered from 2.3 – 3.3 miles every time. I would like to try run a 10k easily (so that’s 6.2miles) so that is also a mini goal I want to achieve.

I currently weigh roughly 59.8kg and is 164cm tall. However I’ve noticed this fluctuates and varies quite often. On the first month i started with 59.9kg, within a few weeks i dropped to 58.8kg, however I’m now back to ground zero weighing 59.8kg and I’m sure this will change (hopefully to my benefit). So another mini goal of mine is to loose around 5kg within these three months. (Fingers crossed

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Lets train!!!!

So my plan is to get a nice toned body ready for the summer in 3 months time time. My plan is to jog at least 5 times a week and eat less but more often everyday. Apparently eating 5 meals a day can boost my metabolism rate thus burning more calories throughout the day. Woohoo!!!! I won’t bother in cutting down on all junk food, because it always backfires for me. I’ll deprive myself with all the yummy high in fat and calorie food for a week or two then go crazy on it the next.

I’ll use this website to keep track of my jogging and i’ll try my best to record what i ate throughout the day. My main goal is to look toned and hopefully loose a few pounds on the way.

         To do list:

  • Jog at least 5 times a week
  • Do some muscle training
  • Eat less but often

Summer body here I come!!!